Automated DevOps

Efficient and Fast Application & API Development on Hybrid Cloud

Automated Data Engineering

Streamline your Complex DataOps using Intelligent Automation

Automated Al Model Factory

Automate Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, Reinforcement Learning, other A.I.

Industrial Data Lake

Datafication to Enable an AI Driven Enterprise using MetaFunctions Industrial Data Lake


Dev Ops, Data Ops, AI Ops!

MetaFunctions provide a multi-cloud platform that help breaking down the silos across your software engineering, data management, data Engineering and AI teams to enable an AI first organization. 

  • Industrial Data Lake to Build AI Driven Enterprise
  • Automated DataOps, AIOps & DevOps
  • Automated Business Processes
  • Enable Digital Twin to drive efficiently
  • Managed Automation

Automating Data Engineering, AI Model Management and Dev Ops

Our key objective is automate the critical application area to improve time to market and deliver the Super Intelligent Solutions! MetaFunctions Data Lake Solution provides cloud native Data Lake and Cognitive Analytics to get the key business metrics out of  Big Data, Hyper-Automated to reduce the time to market and create the maintainable solutions that supports scale.

MetaFunctions support Intelligent and Managed Data Automations of your business processes using AI, ML & low code RPA unlike traditional automations.



Automated Data Engineering

MetaFunctions helps to create Cognitive Automations for processing  Big Data. Processing data at large scale can be extremely challenging and costly and always difficult to maintain as you scale. MetaFunctions takes unique approach Automating your Data Tasks that includes Meta Data Management, Data Ingestion, Data Transformation, Data Storage and Querying & Analytics.

Data Wrangling is fast and easy so you can get your business metrics from your Data Lake using MetaFunctions.

  • Gather: Collect structured and unstructured data from various sources efficiently and accurately using JARVIS Data Bots, build Data Pipelines efficiently
  • Clean: Identify & clean the noise from the data using JARVIS Data Bots
  • Normalize: Transform, Categorize, Tag, Annotate & Fingerprint the data to require standard using JARVIS Data Bots
  • Integrate: Efficiently integrate with the consumer application applications using standard Data APIs

MetaFunction Business Process Automation

MetaFunctions provides sandbox to create, evaluate and deploy Deep Learning models before they go into production.  MetaFunctions platform manage the AI model lifecycle in most automated way, so Data Engineers can focus on solving the problems.

Build and Train ML models to process Videos, Image, Text etc. on Data Lake in live and batch mode to get key insights from Big Data. Get predictions from Deep Learning models and share them using MetaFunctions standard format for application integration. Create Digital Twin of assets or business processes and overlay cognitive insights.

  • AI Model Factory: Sandbox and Manage Deep Learning Models efficiently
  • Run on Big Data: Run the ML Models on Big Data of various formats
  • Automation: Predict faster and accurate using cognitive automation
  • Digital Twin: Create reliable and accurate Digital Twin

Automated DevOps

MetaFunctions is built using the 12-factor pattern making it more reliable and robust Data Lake platform. JAVIS™ supports is build with latest tech stack with DevOps as an integral part of it. MetaFunctions supports large scale using Kubernetes & Serverless. The Deep Learning models are also codified and automated using tools like KubeFlow.

Platform supports custom implementations that can be managed very efficiently with less overheads. MetaFunctions comes with inbuilt Site Reliability having Observability implemented making it more reliable.

  • Automation: DevOps as integral part of every aspect
  • Built to Scale: Scale on demand to support Big Data solutions
  • 12 Factor: Secure, Robust, Reliable and Scalable
  • SRE/Observability: Reliable and Available